Moving forward…

It has been a tumultuous 2013 for me on both fronts and time flew by quickly.

I started this blog in 2008  with the intention of sharing my favourite food haunts, places I have tried; yays and nays. I love writing and taking pictures of food. At that time, my job was somewhat less demanding and it allowed me the time and energy to upkeep the blog. I was also in a relationship back then which meant a default food buddy to try out new places as we would spend most of our time together out eating.

In 2009, I ventured into the competitive space of online shopping, setting up the now defunct, Fashionitch, with a girlfriend. We targeted the working girl, selling quality work dresses and we did good. However as we both progressed in our careers, that didn’t leave much time and flexibility to manage the blogshop and so we shut it down.

I have been neglecting Foodgossip and my entries had steered away from just being about food. Occasionally, it was my outlet for expression. I was also getting shoddy with my reviews.

Foodgossip is getting a facelift, and whilst I will still be blogging about food, I hope to cover other topics as well, such as beauty products I am trying, fashion, travel, music, lifestyle and perhaps some personal anecdotes based on my experiences. Though less my default food companion, I assure you I will still be checking out food haunts in Singapore and abroad.

I have removed all the old entries on this blog as I wanted to start on a clean slate. However if there are any questions you might have on some of the older reviews, please feel free to drop me a line.

To those of you who constantly check back for new entries, thank you for your support and I hope you will like the new Foodgossip.

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