Hong Kong 2014

For those of you who have been faithfully following my blog, I thank u and I am truly sorry for deleting all the previous entries. I hope my previous article stating my list of favourite eats in SG would somehow suffice.

I moved to HK for work end of last year and it has been a tumultuous 6 months. Moving out of the house, where I have been blessed to have a maid take care of me, and to live with my family who are always there for me; and coming out here to live on my own…it has been educational and rewarding. I enjoy the independence and the time away. Whilst I definitely miss my family and friends back in SG, the distance and difference also allows one to appreciate the good. Besides taking care of myself and the very basics of living alone, it has also been challenging meeting new people and making new friends. Technically, I haven’t really made new friends in years. Sure, we form acquaintances, but we always have that set of friends to fall back on. The ones that know us and do not judge, the like minded companions and the ones who will be there to catch you when you fall. I have always thought of myself as a sociable and extroverted person, but since moving here, I find it challenging fostering connections and deep genuine relationships. When is it time to bring down those walls and open up to a new friend? When is it too much too soon?

Whenever people hear I had just moved over, they always tell me “HK is a great place to meet people.” “You make friends all the time.” But the reality as I see it is, yes, you meet a lot of people provided you put yourself out there and mingle. Making friends? Not so much. People are generally less cliquish than in Singapore, and there is a very wide variety of people from various backgrounds. Also the expats tend to clutter together in the same areas so it is easy to run into people. As most people you meet tend not to be natives, they too are looking for friends and to belong so people are more open to conversation. That being said, depending on which wave of people coming into HK, some would have already formed firm friendships and whilst they are welcoming, there is still an invisible barb wire.

Most of my friends were in HK for work 2007-2012 and they have mostly left to return home or move elsewhere to start families. A large number of the people I meet now are my brother’s age, a good 5 years younger. Despite the age differences, I have learnt to be more open minded and use this opportunity to get to know and understand more about people from various cultural backgrounds and take in the maturity of the minds as opposed to the numerical age.

My first 6 months went by  so quickly and with so many kinks. Now, yet another year older, and at the halfway mark for 2014; I am resolved to live my life in HK the best way possible. To be that person I wanna be, to discover myself and to learn and experience as much as possible. HK is a vibrant city with much to see and do. I love it here. The convenience and just how everyone is so upbeat and alive. Despite having never been, I would liken HK to New York City, with a strong dining and happy hour culture, as well as many outdoor activities and beautiful sights. People in HK generally make more effort to dress up too which adds to the fun and view.

I have tried a couple of interesting restaurants and chilled at a couple of bars/lounges here and I am looking forward to blogging all about them, so STAY TUNED! 🙂 2nd half of 2014 –> I am back!

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