SO for those of you who have been following my blog, you would know that I was never an oyster fan. I found it eeky and very sea-ish most times. One random Wed night in HK, I decided to check out the oysters at CVCHE along Wydnham as they looked really fresh and it would have been a cheap experiment at 18 bucks – It was amazing! So apparently these are Finn de Clairs (I learn later that even amongst Finn de Clairs there are many types) and I love them! Not too sea-ish but extremely palatable. Whilst some people have their oysters with just lemon or tabasco, I like mine with some onions and and vinegar.

I wouldn’t say oysters are my thing now, because my ultimate comfort foods are still crabs and escargots with garlic and herb butter; but I do feel that oysters with wine and good company make for a very relaxing night and is the perfect wind down for a mid week.


For those living in HK, be sure to check out CVCHE along Wyndham on Wednesdays. Reservations required. Nowadays the default isn’t Finn de Clairs though but Coffin Bay which is good too. 20% off total bill if you dine between 6-8pm!

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