My First Rugby Sevens in Hong Kong

So this entry is months overdue but I figured it was still worth penning down.



I have heard of the Rugby Sevens in HK for the longest time. It’s when party people from all over converge in HK and turn every inch of the streets into one massive party. There are of course those who fly in to watch the actual games but the highlight has to be the parties during the games as well. It’s almost festive and the entire week feels exciting with people not in the mood to work and just waiting to knock off. Some would even get off and start Happy Hour early. It’s pretty similar to the Grand Prix F1 weekend in Singapore.



I managed to score some tickets to the game for both Friday and Saturday. The stadium is like one huge club with many rooms of different themes and music. These rooms are actually sponsored “boxes”, mostly by banks and they each usually have their own themes, fully stocked with free flow beers and some light bites. The best boxes this year have to be one of the HSBC boxes (there were 4 different ones I think) which was pretty much like a club, the UBS box which had face painting and cowboy hats. It was good fun and the atmosphere was incredible. People dress up in costumes, almost like Halloween. Put that with loads of beer, great music and sports, the stadium was rockin’.




Plenty of party options all through the week, I thought this party in the park was really nice. The weather was perfect, cool and with a slight breeze every now and then. Against the back drop of HK’s beautiful city skyline, this was perfect for an outdoor concert. Whilst I liken this to Gardens by the Bay in Singapore where I attended the Jason Mraz concert, I think the edge HK has is the fact she has 4 seasons, allowing more conducive weather for such parties and concerts in the park.


After the party in the park which I was kindly invited to by a fellow Singaporean client, I went for yet another party at the LKF Hard Rock Cafe. This was a private event, a company party for one of my clients who again was sweet to invite me. Live band, lots of booze and finger food along with high spirited people dancing away with huge colourful afro wigs and colourful blinker plastic glasses, it was good fun. Unfortunately this was during a time when I was consumed by work and wasn’t in the mood (my first 6 months in HK – refer to earlier entry) so whilst I tried to get in the groove, I was a wooden block, dull and boring in my sombre work clothes and rigid mind constantly reminding myself of work the next day and how exhausted I was – not happening next year. Rugby Sevens 2015, I’ll be ready for you!!!


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