My First Bubble Soccer

I’m not sure how many of you have seen the youtube video that was floating round Facebook about bubble soccer – essentially soccer except you are inside something like an air filled ball; well not exactly in it per se, but holding it up like some sorta shield. Whilst the game goes on, players may bump each other like bumber cars in a bid to get the ball. Other than the usual out lines, there are essentially no rules.  A friend of mine decided to organise a bubble soccer match (the first to be played in HK) for her birthday. There is now an official Bubble Soccer HK facebook page where u could contact them should u wish to organise a game of your own. The referees and bubbles will be provided with venue suggestions to choose from. For my friend’s birthday party, we had the bubble soccer in an indoor basketball court – too small in my opinion but it was the first and very experimental -Thanks KL for inviting me!


IMG_1133My friend T and I picking out purple costumes to wear in our bubble because YES, we were in the PURPLE team!

 IMG_1139That’s me, Brinjal (eggplant) meets Hit Girl in a purple wig 




GO PURPLE TEAM!!!! We finished 2nd!!! Woooohooooo!!!!


It was great fun and definitely an experience. Will I do it again? Maybe but if I do, I’m gonna make sure I am better prepared with knee pads!!! Check out my awful bruising!

***Tip to the girls: Don’t bother trying to ram into a dude. The impact of your bubble against his will have u fall regardless. If you are lucky, he falls with u, if not; it’s just u babe. The boys somehow are always still standing! Have other guys ram them down 😉


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