Restaurant Review: Aberdeen Street Social (Hong Kong)

So when Aberdeen Street Social first opened at PMQ HK, it was all the hype. Reservations has to be made at least 2-4 weeks in advance and there were specific seatings. I was told they serve a gd brunch menu and was anxious to check it out. But as with any new restaurant, I always believed in letting them settle in before checking it out so I waited.

My first time to Aberdeen Street Social was for dinner with a group of friends on a weekday. I was really looking forward to it although by this time, I had already heard some negative reviews about how it was over priced and not meeting expectations but I wanted to judge for myself.


We arrived on time for our reservation but as the table wasn’t ready we started off with cocktails at the bar. The bar was dimly lit but not so much cosy as it was simply dark. The cocktails were pretty decent and I liked how they served mine with a glow in the dark ice cube. Given our late dinner reservation, I must say the cocktails and good company didn’t distract me from our half hour wait. After what seemed like forever, we were finally seated.


The glow in the dark ice cube which added that much coolness to my fancy cocktail :)

We ordered some appetizers to share and decided to have the steak as a main for it came highly recommended. Our starters came and I was thinking to myself “so far so good”. The portions were small but I guess it was like every other high end restaurant so no complaints there. The presentation was good and they the dishes had a good flavour. They certainly whet my appetite for what was to come.




The steak came. A huge chunk of meat placed on a wooden board. My first thought was it looked thick and dry. Upon placing it in my mouth, I was proven right and sorely disappointed. I have had some great steak in Singapore Mortons, Wolfgang CUT, Chris Ruth’s Steakhouse and in Sydney at the Rockpool Steakhouse; and these are just some of the more memorable ones. Well, the steak at Aberdeen Street Social just didn’t cut it for me and I didn’t enjoy it. There were no morsels of fat like Rockpool and CUT, neither was it juicy like Mortons and CRS. It was actually bland and a tad difficult to go down. For the amount we were paying, I told myself I would not return.



However I did. This time for brunch. I must say I like the ambience on a Sunday afternoon, with the french doors and sunlight coming in against the dark wooden decor. The menu was simple but interesting and it was pretty decent. I think it’s a good brunch venue but again, i wasn’t thoroughly impressed. It wasn’t particularly value for money, neither was it distinctively awesome tasting, and the ambience could be replicated and I prefer something more open to begin with.


I would say however that the steak at brunch was better seasoned and more tasty. I like how they presented the dish and it was good for the money paid. 




Perhaps Aberdeen Street Social will work for some, but unfortunately it’s not up my street. I wouldn’t be back.

Aberdeen Street Social

35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong
+852 2866 0300

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