Restaurant Review: Aqua (Kowloon, Hong Kong)


B, S and I had been meaning to organise a boozy brunch for some time. B had been to the Aqua brunch and she loved it, so we gathered the troops cross harbour to Kowloon!

I’ll admit, I am not at home in Kowloon. In fact, I think I have only been there a handful of times since moving to HK a year ago. My visits to Kowloon have been limited to ICC and Harbour City for client appointments and one time to a Korean Chicken Wings place. But I was game for an afternoon of gluttony with good company and lots and lots of wine!


The Antipasto Platter


The Sashimi Platter

The buffet works with an unlimited supply of appetizers, namely the Antipasto platter and the Sashimi platter. This was heaven for me as I love my sashimi. The salmon was very fresh but I have to say that the toro was a tad disappointing as it was a little “fishy” for me. Also, they could have been more generous with the portions but perhaps it was their way of making us keep ourselves in check for we kept asking for a refill! 🙂


Green Tea Soba Noodle with Poached Japanese egg


Homemade potato Gnocchi gently tossed in a black truffle cream sauce with fine herbs


Paccheri “Verrigni” in duck ragout flavoured with orange and rosemary

The restaurants serves one of each pasta and you are welcome to ask for more servings. I must say the pasta is pretty heavy and by the time I was done trying a bit of everything, I was stuffed that I didn’t have much room left for the mains. The pastas were average. Nothing stood out in particular, but I guess it’s good lining for the stomach especially if you were going to be boozing on free flow champs and wine.


Slow cooked Marsala beef cheek with fresh herb potato puree

I am generally not a fan of beef cheeks so it’s probably unfair for me to review this. Not even sure why I chose the beef cheeks given my long standing dislike for the dish (what was I thinking). I will say it was done nicely, soft and tender. The gravy went really well with the potato puree and the boys loved it with one of them having my remaining half portion.


Aqua Dessert Platter

The dessert platter was delightful and perfect way to end the meal. There was a good variety on that platter and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Would I return though? Probably not. The view is awesome however for what they offer and the price, I think I would pick the champs brunch at Zuma or Tiffin Lounge anytime simply because the variety is just better and the quality of food is also of good standard, making them a lot more value for money. The ambience at both places, though lacking the incredible Aqua view, still make for a good boozy Sunday afternoon.


29 + 30F
One Peking
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Reservations : +852 3427 2288

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