I am on Instagram!

I know, I have been neglecting this blog and I feel awful about it. I love writing and I am passionate about food and I want to share my life in Hong Kong as an expat; with every one of you.

For now, Instagram is my platform. I have restaurant reviews, travel, fashion (yes, those outfit of the day shots) and basically a peek into my life here as a Singaporean living in Hong Kong. Until I finally become more disciplined with blogging, please follow me on Instagram @germaine_says

I promise I still do take the time to write about the restaurants I go to and enjoy on these Instagram posts. Insta stories is my new favourite too as it allows me to capture the audio visual of a moment which I think it’s a great way of sharing an experience. It’s like you are right there with me!

So, until I revamp this blog and be more conscientious with my posts, see you on Instagram!

@germaine_says – please do leave comments and let me know what posts u would like to see more of on my Instagram!