About Germaine

Somewhere in between a girl and a young woman. Still self-discovering everyday, learning everyday, trying to be a better daughter, sister, and friend. Still looking for butterflies…

I love a good laugh, a good movie, a good book, a good magazine, a good series. 

Love dining with friends and a bottle of wine. Love champagne brunches, getting happy-high in the middle of the afternoon with great company. Love chilling with friends and a live band.

I love my hawker food. I love chomps (chomp chomp). I love my cafes and  just people watching with my cup of coffee or tea. 

Love traveling. Love spending Sunday afternoons having Me Time doing girly things like facial, massage, nails, etc.

I love tennis and hoops although I don’t play them as often as I would like.

Just a girl. Just a woman. Just me. 

28 thoughts on “About Germaine

  1. Ho Chi Hung says:

    Hi, I read about your review on “The Line” @ Yum.sg.
    Tried to find your post on that visit last Dec, but not successful. Is the post still available for reading?

    • germaine says:

      Hi! Thanks for your interest. I wrote the review on yum.sg based on a previous eating experience which I didn’t include here as this blog officially commenced in 2009, so all the reviews here basically stem from places I have been to this year.
      If you are interested, I hear the shangri-la is having a promotion now whereby should you celebrate your birthday there on the exact day, you are entitled to a discount the equivalent of your age. You might want to check it out! =)

  2. Jiamin says:

    hey babe, just curious. What is your camera for the food pictures you took for Valentino. The pictures are sharp and makes me hungry..haha..SLR?

    i am an active member at hungrygowhere.com and yum.sg
    However, I do not have the time to do up a food blog. By the way, you may add me on facebook at tracy_jiamin@yahoo.com.sg

    We can share good muchies places.haha..by the way, care to intro a bit? I’m female, 22, Jiamin, working as a business development exec…n guess what..haha in F&B industry…

    Nice to know you~

    • germaine says:

      Hi Jiamin, Thank you for your kind comments. 🙂 Actually I use a normal canon IXUS 80IS. Perhaps you could try taking your pics using macro mode?

      I write on yum.sg too! 🙂 Been rather slack on my food blog lately though due to other committments, but I hope to post some new entries soon. Been to a couple of places just haven’t had the time to pen it down…stay tuned! 🙂

      • Jiamin says:

        Thanks for your reply. Are you working currently? What line? Do give the restaurant I am working at a try. I really love the food as a Uni student before I joined this company.

        Just Acia Restaurant
        Set meals with FREE FLOW ice-cream & drinks (both hot & cold), starting from $5.90

        11 Orchard Road
        Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station
        (S) 238826

        By the way, may you email me your email address? I can add you on my fan page on Facebook and also add you as my food kaki..haha

        You may email to tracy_jiamin@yahoo.com.sg

        Take care and sorry to trouble you if you are too busy to check your comments >.<

      • germaine says:

        Incidentally I work around the area and I know exactly which restaurant you are referring to. I usually buy my breakfast from the bee hoon stall up front, and sometimes have my lunch at the chicken rice place nearby; and of course, my favourite eskimo bubble tea…never really ate at your restaurant before but sure, will definitely give it a try some time. 😉

      • germaine says:

        Hey Jiamin,
        I actually had lunch at Just Acia today and I thought it was awesome! The set meal was very worth it and I loved the Spicy Cheese Ramen and the chicken wings!
        Will do a review on it soon! 🙂


  3. Jiamin says:

    sob gurl…i’m no longer at just acia..got sacked last fri cos franchise not moving, bad economy..so boss asked me to leave..though 2 other shareholders thought it’s too abrupt and heartless…hmm

    any marketing positions in ur company? cny coming..yet unemployed..u wk at which company?need people? pls private email me at tracy_jiamin@yahoo.com.sg so ur details will not be posted for the world to see

  4. Melody says:

    Hello Germaine,

    I’m Melody, from Yum Cha Restaurants. I’m glad to see that you enjoy our dim sum! Should you pop by again sometime, may I suggest you try out our other ala carte dishes like Black Pepper Crab and Pomfret Tapino. See you soon!


  5. Sin Yi says:

    Hi Germaine…I would like to share with you regarding the ” coerced valet ” which you had to pay at Da Paolo Bistro Bar(Rochester Park) was actually illegal parking …they actually parked people’s car at a public road with double yellow line! And they are making a business out if it…guessed the police will be informed soon..

  6. Zhu chit says:

    Germaine! Hey I’m a long time reader first time poster on ur blog. I just wanted to say thanks for all the time and effort you’ve put into this, based on your feedback I had this amazing dinner with my secretary at bleu unfortunately after too much wine we ended up in bed together and my wife caught us so I’m now starting a messy divorce but it doesn’t detract from what was a mouth watering tour de force, magnificent food! Btw I think we saw you at Filter on Friday anyway if you ever want some champagne you are most welcome at our usual table. Keep up the great posting!

  7. germaine says:

    Hello…Honestly, I am not sure what to say.

    Really glad you enjoyed the food at Blu. It’s one of my favourite restaurants. Absinthe is fabulous too. Do check it out when you can.

    I’m terribly sorry to hear about your wife. I hope that things work out for the both of you, whatever the outcome may be.

    I was at Filter on Friday. Do say hi the next time you see me yup? In fact, I should be there this coming Friday – friend’s birthday. 🙂


  8. yew lok says:

    Nice to meet you that day. Sorry I was quite dull and stoned that day because was just finished my 36 hours of work. Anyhow, enjoy your Taiwan trip 🙂

    • germaine says:

      Hi! Nice meeting you too…and no worries, I was amazed you managed to stay on with us despite having had such a long day. Thanks for being such a good sport. Happy Boxing Day! 🙂

  9. Mitja says:

    Aiee you’re killing me with this blog, I always have to eat before reading or else it’s like grocery shopping while hungry. I think the photos from Hong Kong put me over the top. I used to be much more on a mission to find great restaurants when I lived in NYC, seem to be living the simpler life right now when it comes to food. Thankfully Singapore does great simple food as well!

  10. S says:

    Hey you! I chanced upon your blog a few years ago and I’ve been following it.

    Was too swamped the last year to check regularly, but I suddenly thought of it today and lo and behold, you have an update that’s fairly recent! Haha

    Anyway, I went through shit the past year and judging from your emo songs and all I figured so did you. Time heals everything so they say so just hang on there! I’m hanging (barely), and trying to swamp myself with work and friends though not really helpful once im home so haha! It’ll pass :))

    Great job on the food posts btw, I’ve been to some places, and would like to try the others. I’m too lazy to review what I eat so keep up the good work and spread the joy on good food to lazy people like me. Haha

    There’s a new cafe at jln riang in case you haven’t been there recently! Haha though its quite a dengue prone area now so be careful.

    Looking forward to more posts in the near future Germaine!

    • germaine says:

      Hello, thanks for your comment. Yeah…quite a bit of stuff going on but I’m much better now 🙂 I have tried some new places and I hope to review more and with more detail. Been kinda caught up with stuff off late, hence the lack of entries and very shoddy reviews.

      Hope things work out for you too! 🙂 Do drop some recommendations of good places you have tried :))

  11. Jere says:

    Hey there, was randomly clicking through my list of food blogs and was pleasantly surprised to find you back!

    Been following your blog for a number of years & just wanted to drop a note to welcome you back to blogging 🙂

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